Improve your game through data-driven insights

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get access to StanceBeam?
StanceBeam and Accessories are available on our site. The smart mobile app that comes with it is readily available on both the google play store and the app store. All it takes is one click to improve your game and become your best self.
What are the pre-requisites to use StanceBeam?
You absolutely do not require any pre-requisite knowledge to use StanceBeam. Our wearable bat sensor technology and smart mobile app is easy-to-use and user-friendly. With just one small attachment on top of your bat you can get detailed analysis right at the tip of your fingers!
What benefits will I get if I use StanceBeam?
You can monitor your progress and learn from accurate and detailed analysis of your performance. StanceBeam helps you push your potential forward out of all boundaries. Train better and practice with more precision by simply adding one game-changing gadget to your inventory.
What is the advantage of using StanceBeam over other similar platforms?
The reputation of StanceBeam precedes its name. Used by seasoned experts and legends of the game such as Shikhar Dhawan, StanceBeam has earned this respect in the world of cricket as it is one of the most revolutionary cricket gadgets in the sports technology field. Even reputed international academies such as the Leicestershire County Cricket Club, JTCA and many more use StanceBeam to guide their students to their true potential. StanceBeam simply stands out.

Improve your game through data-driven insights

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Improve your game through data-driven insights

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Smart Video

Smart Video mode records and trims 4-second video automatically as you play each shot.

Live Stats

The Live Stats mode allows you to track 11 Shot metrics with high accuracy and in real-time.

Manual Recording

Manual Recording Mode lets you record your sessions, whether you're batting or bowling, and save them to the cloud.

3D Shot Recreation

A 3D simulation depicts bat flow and the path of your bat from the back lift to the follow-through, delivering a 360° view of each shot.

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