Improve your game through data-driven insights

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Coaching 2.0

StanceBeam Striker

Contains: 1 Sensor, 1 Bat Grip, 1 Charging Cradle, 1 Locking Key


Product Features

Real Time Feedback

With a live connection, get unique metrics such as Bat Speed, Power Index and Shot Efficiency via the app

3D Swing Analysis

Get a full 3D analysis of your shots, both live and in detailed session summaries and reports

Accompanied Application

Fully connected app available via both the Apple iOS Store and the Android Play Store

Shot by Shot

Get a full shot by shot review of your training session or match performance

Inbuilt and Cloud Storage

Includes inbuilt and live cloud storage so you can review each session even when your not connected

Rechargeable and Long-lasting Battery

Inbuilt battery is fully rechargeable and lasts the distance with over six hours battery life

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Improve your game through data-driven insights

Analyse Your Capabilities if You Are a Player

With our Smart Cricket Bat Sensor and StanceBeam Mobile app, you can work out all aspects of the game, from the smallest mistakes that bother you on the field to the most frustrating weaknesses that have a significant impact on your game. Analyse your performance by using the most accurate data metrics and compare progress over time.

Auto record your game Videos and analyse it to gain a better understanding of it.


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